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Online Certificate of General Educational Development (GED)

If you are one of the many people today who have not been able to complete high school for whatever reason, there is something you can do about it. Because of the resources available through advancements in technology, receiving a certificate of General Educational Development (GED) is easier than ever. Many states offer online GED programs. If you are considering obtaining their GED, you probably have questions. Is a GED equal to a high school diploma? Do employers or universities consider it to be less of an accomplishment? Consider the facts before making the decision to attain your GED.

Earning Your GED

Unlike high school diplomas, which take four years to complete, a GED does not necessarily demand that students take the same courses that are required in high school. However, individuals must take the rigorous GED exam in order to be awarded a certificate of completion. There are recommended classes available to prepare students who may feel apprehensive about schoolwork, but preparatory classes are not mandatory.

Colleges and University Requirements

Most colleges will enroll students who have received a GED, while others might have a specific policy with additional requirements regarding students with a GED. Some online colleges may not treat a GED as the equivalent of a high school diploma. Certain online schools will require an exam prior to acceptance to the school or may require students to take certain courses to supplement their coursework once admitted to the university.


When it comes to employment, your skills and previous work history are most important. However, most employers are also concerned with the education level of a potential hire. For entry-level jobs, employers will often consider a GED comparable to a high school diploma. On the other hand, there are always the few who do not believe a GED is as good as a high school diploma. Most employers are only interested in your highest level of education, so it is to your advantage to earn an advanced degree in addition to your GED.