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Online Certifications

Online certification programs are currently offered by many schools, universities, and colleges. This type of curriculum is perfect for busy individuals, including students and working professionals who might not have time for a full-time commitment to a rigorous online degree program. An online certification program can help open the door to a successful career and set you up for further online education at a later date. Many online schools provide flexible options, which will allow you a popular way to improve your education while taking care of the never-ending business of life.

Types of Online Certifications

Does earning an online certification sound just like what you’ve been looking for? Here are some available online certifications:
Arts & Humanities – Choose from an online certificate in Communications, Interior Decorating, Writing, or General Arts.
Business – You can receive an online certificate in many areas of business including Accounting, Human Resources, International Business, Management, Finance, Real Estate, Marketing, Organizational Management, and more.
Computer Science & IT – With a passion for technology, you can receive an online certificate in Programming, Computer Security, Web Design, Networks, Software Engineering, Information Technology, Telecommunications, and many others.
Education & Teaching – These online certifications are very popular and include Early Childhood Education, Kindergarten through 12th grade Education, Educational Administration, Special Education, and more.
Health & Medicine – With this growing field, online certification programs include Fitness, Health Services, Medical Transcription, Nursing, General Health Services, Pharmacy, Medical Billing, and more.
Science & Engineering - Offerings include Environmental Sciences, Forensic Sciences, Engineering, and Engineering Management.
Social Sciences – The certification programs available are Criminal Justice, Law, Paralegal, Sociology, Public Safety and Public Administration.
Trades & Careers – A smaller offering within this online certification program include Carpentry, Construction, and Security.
With the rising popularity in distance learning, many well known and prestigious institutions, such as Harvard and Stanford, are offering certification programs. In addition to online colleges, brick and mortar institutions are also offering online certification. As with any formal education, it can be challenging and does require a time commitment.
Regardless of where you choose to enroll and receive your online certification, just having the added certificate on your resume tells a potential employer that you not only value education, but are interested in expanding your personal knowledge and skills.