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Types of Online Degrees

You have decided to further your education through an online university. With the assortment of offerings available, you might just be wondering what types of online degrees are out there? From business to forensic science, there are many degrees to choose from.
The most common types of online degrees are: high school diploma, certificate of general educational development (GED), certificate, associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and doctorate.
Here is a brief breakdown of each type of online degree:
Associate’s Degree – An associate’s degree is obtained in approximately two years. This option is perfect for those looking to obtain a quality degree quickly in a certain field. It is also less expensive than a four year degree, while providing an edge for your career.
Bachelor’s Degree – An online bachelor’s degree program is perfect if you are looking to significantly advance your career and take your job search to a new level. Within the bachelor’s degree programs there are three popular types of degrees offered: Bachelor of Arts degree, Bachelor of Science degree, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. These degrees offer specializations and concentrations within each one.
Master’s Degree – Online master’s degree programs offer the ability to increase your knowledge in a current field, while taking into account the importance of flexible coursework options. This graduate degree is offered online in a variety of fields.
Doctorate – Earning a doctorate degree online is a great way to open the door to many prominent career opportunities. This type of online degree requires the greatest time commitment, costs more than other degree, yet results in a better career and higher earning potential.
High School Diploma – This form of online program is available now to students everywhere. Whether a student needs to stay home for medical reasons or they find a traditional high school setting is not conducive to their needs, an online course schedule could be the perfect solution.
GED (Certificate of General Education Development) – A GED is much faster to complete than a high school diploma. Taking this exam can help to fast track your education, allowing you to enroll in college more quickly. A GED is earned when students meet or exceed a score in a test consisting of five different academic subject areas.
Certification/Certificate Programs – A certificate program is available for busy individuals and working professionals who might not have the time for a full commitment to a rigorous online degree program. Many online schools provide this because of the importance of enhancing your career through learning even with time constraints.