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Online Master’s Degree

A master’s degree could be the boost your career—and salary—needs. With the flexibility of taking courses online, you can earn your master’s degree when it’s convenient for you. The knowledge gained by continuing one’s education can only serve to advance your current employment status, and it’s a fact that professionals with master’s degrees attain the top-paying positions in their fields of study. Who wouldn’t want to boost their earning potential?

Types of Master’s Degrees

Two of the most commonly obtained degrees are a Master of Arts (MA) and a Master of Science (MS).
Master of Arts (MA) – Students looking to advance their studies in such fields as social studies, fine arts or humanities may choose to enroll in an MA program. On average, an MA degree candidate takes up to two full years of full time classes, although you may choose to extend the length of study with a part time course load. The degree is received upon completion of an exam, submission of a thesis paper, or, in some cases, both.
Master of Science (MS) – Students who are focusing on academic studies in the areas of science, social sciences, technology and business should examine the different types of MS degrees. This degree can also take up to two years of full-time coursework but is offered online with flexible schedules. An MS degree also requires a submission of a thesis paper, completion of an exam, or both.
The options do not end with those two online Master’s degrees. Other online master’s degree choices include:
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
Master of Philosophy (MPhil)
Master of Education (MEd)
Master of Health Administration (MHA)
Master of Library Science (MLS)
Master of Music (MMus)
Master of Public Health (MPH)
Beginning an online Master’s degree program is a sizeable commitment, but the payoff can be quite substantial. Be sure to weigh your options before deciding whether to pursue this degree full or part time, especially if you will be working full time while earning your degree. As always, don’t forget to check the accreditation of your school of choice.