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Political Science

Political science is the study of governments, public policies and political processes, systems, and political behavior. Political scientists study the political processes, systems, and dynamics of towns, cities, states, and nations all over the world by using human and scientific perspectives and tools. Skills earned in political science studies can be employed in many careers in business, education, government, international affairs, journalism, law, non-profit organizations, and politics. If several of those careers interest you, a political science program may be ideal for you.


Political Science does not have many variations and should be approached by focusing on the level of education you need to attain in order to reach the specialization in which you are most interested. Bachelor’s degree programs include:
Bachelor of Science in Political Science
Business with a Public Administration Minor
Organizational Management/Political Science
Social Science/Political Science
If you are concentrating on a more advanced degree, the following master’s programs are available:
Master of Arts in Diplomacy
Master of Arts in Leadership and Public Administration
Master of Arts in Public Policy
Master of Justice Administration
Master of Management Public Administration
Master of Professional Studies in Political Management
Master of Professional Studies in Strategic Public Relations
Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

Qualities and Skills

Political scientists must have excellent research skills as well as good oral and written communication skills. Intellectual curiosity is an advantage, and they must be able to think logically and methodically. The ability to analyze and to think objectively are also good skills to possess. Lastly, patience and perseverance will serve a political scientist well.


Since political science can enhance any career, the possibilities are endless. Some jobs you may attain with your political science degree include:
Budget Analyst
Career Counselor
CIA Analyst
City Planner
City Housing Administrator
Communications Director
Corporate Economist
Customs Officer
Federal Government Analyst
High School Government Teacher
Immigration Officer
Intelligence Officer
International Research Specialist
Policy Analyst
Public Affairs Research Analyst
Survey Analyst
Urban Policy Planner


Salaries will vary by sector and by education level.