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If you like to explore the way things work or have always had an interest in science, an online degree in this field could pave the way to a new, rewarding career. Perhaps you are contemplating a career change, or you want a starting point that will propel you into a more concentrated division of science. Explore the numerous possibilities that a science education has in store for you.


Science offers a wide spectrum of concentrations, and there are many online degrees that will help propel you toward a new and exciting future in science. Here are some types of science that you may want to consider:
Biological Sciences (biology, botany, ecology, physiology)
Physical Sciences (astronomy, chemistry, physics, earth science)
Social Sciences (anthropology, psychology, and sociology)
Once you have chosen your career path, you can start to narrow down your educational course. Some online degrees you may want to consider include:
Associate of Applied Science in Fire Science
Certificate in Geographic Information Science
Bachelor in Aviation Management
Bachelor in Professional Aviation
Bachelor of General Studies in Aviation
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management
Bachelor of Science in Fire Science
Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources
Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety and Health
Master of Aeronautical Science
Master of Business Administration in Aviation
Master of Chemistry
Master of Science in Biology
Master of Science in Biotechnology Studies
Master of Science in Geographic Information Science
Master of Science in Physics

Qualities and Skills

No, you don’t have to wear a white lab coat or walk around with beakers while dreaming up new formulas that may or may not blow up in smoke. You should, however, have an acute desire to research, test, and re-test hypotheses; effectively communicate your observations both in writing and verbally; and collaborate with colleagues in your field of study. Scientists often perform research that requires an exceptional ability to apply mathematical formulas. Analytical thinking, patience, and perseverance are also qualities that help in this line of work.


So you think you want to be a scientist? Or maybe you still aren’t sure simply because you don’t know what you can do with a science degree. Check out the following careers for tips on what you can do with your degree:
Artificial Intelligence Expert
Chemical Engineer
Forest Ranger
Marine Biologist


Your salary will greatly depend on what type of science you choose to study. The average salary for all types of biological scientists are generally higher than those of social scientists. To get a more accurate idea of what you can expect to be paid with a degree in science, do some research on the science specialization you think you will pursue.