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WyoTech, formerly known as Wyoming Technical Institute, excels in student support with its advanced college-level education in technical-based training careers. WyoTech offers programs in many key technical fields that include: automotive, diesel, motorcycle, marine, collision/ refinishing, plumbing, and electrician career fields. With the best and most experienced training instructors, WyoTech’s career training programs are short-term, with most students completing programs in 16 months or less.

With industry-based advisory committees and faculty/industry relationships, WyoTech constantly modifies and enhances programs to improve graduate employability. WyoTech’s main purpose is to deliver the essential knowledge and skills for each student to effectively gain employment in their chosen field. WyoTech’s programs allow students to focus on learning technical skills in diploma programs or add to their education with associate degree programs. The school’s outstanding reputation has earned prestigious partnerships with leading industries such as Peterbilt, AAMO, and Edelbrock. WyoTech is proud to be the official technical school of the NHRA.


WyoTech began in 1966 when 22 students from Wyoming and neighboring states started their careers in Automotive Technology in Laramie, Wyoming. Since then, WyoTech has graduated over 26,000 students from across the country and a number of foreign countries. WyoTech now has campuses across the United States and is recognized by leading industries as a prestigious technical institute.

Automotive Technology

The Automotive Technology program teaches students to identify and repair engine problems. The program includes all forms of engine issues that include: engine rebuilding, engine maintenance, drivetrain systems, and working on the chassis. Specialties in the automotive technology program include: Applied Service Management, Motorsports Chassis Fabrication, High Performance Powertrain, Street Rod and Custom Fabrication, Light-Duty Diesel, and Advanced Automotive Diagnostics/Smog Certification.

Collision Refinishing

The Collision Refinishing Program teaches students the skills to weld, repair, and refinish a vehicle. Techniques acquired include: metal cutting procedures, cosmetic repair, paint chemistry, masking techniques, color plotting and mapping, and much more. Specialty skills include: trim and upholstery, applied service management, motorsports chassis fabrication, and street rod and custom fabrication. Career Opportunities for Collision Refinishing Graduates include: Collision Repair Shop Technician, Automotive Glass Installation and Repairer, Specialty Shop Technician, Welder/Fabricator/Paint Technician Damage Appraiser for the Insurance Industry, and other Transportation Body Repairer.

Diesel Technology

The Diesel Technology Program provides the skills and training to work on diesel engines in big rigs, bulldozers, tractors, transport refrigeration systems, and much more. Students will be trained on big engines by Caterpillar, Detroit, Cummins, John Deere, Mack and Deutz, and International. Specialty programs include: Applied Service Management, High Performance Powertrain, Street Rod, Custom Fabrication Light-Duty Diesel, and Advanced Diesel.
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) WyoTech’s Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning programs gives students the skills and knowledge to work in HVAC Service and Repair. Courses include: Basic Electricity and Electrical Theory, Basic Refrigeration Theory, Air Conditioning Systems, Heating Systems, and Air Distribution Systems and Sheet Metal Fabrication. WyoTech prepares students for residential and commercial areas of the HVAC industry. Graduates will be able to work to as an entry-level technician in the Food Industry, Construction Industry, Health Care Industry, HVAC Service Organizations, and a multitude of other types of companies.
WyoTech also offers an Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning with a Concentration in Service Systems. Students will have the skills and knowledge to act as a go-between with customers and service personnel to assist in the best service and repairs.

Marine Technology

The Marine Technology Program is for students who want to work on watercraft engines. Graduates are trained technicians who work on propulsion systems, inboard engines, stern drive systems, and outboard marine engines. Courses in this program include vessel power transmission, inboard engine propulsion systems, diesel engines, power generation and marine electronics, and outboard engine propulsion systems.
Graduates of the Marine Technology Program obtain employment as the following: Franchise Dealership Technician, Marine Fleet Technician, Engine Builder, and Aftermarket Parts Application/Development.

Motorcycle Technology

WyoTech’s Motorcycle Technology Program delivers the technical skills to identify, service, and repair motorcycle engine problems. Courses include: motorcycle fuel systems, suspension systems, brake systems, and working with two and four stroke engines. Students can choose to focus their studies on one of the following: Harley Davidson, BMW & Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha Custom Motorcycles.
Students take eight core courses and then choose to focus on studying one the following: Asian Motorcycles, European Motorcycles, or Harley-Davidson Bikes. This includes the following areas: suspension systems, brake systems, four stroke engines, two stroke engines, fundamentals of electricity, electrical systems, and fuel systems service.
Graduates are employed as Dealership Motorcycle Technicians, Specialty Shop Motorcycle Technicians, Performance Shop Technicians, as well as Motorcycle Assembly, Customer Service Representatives and Parts Representatives.

Plumbing Program

WyoTech’s Plumbing Program teaches and trains students to understand uniform plumbing code, plumbing piping systems, blueprint reading, and heating systems. Courses include: Basic Construction, Plumbing, Installing Valves, Fixtures and Water Heaters, Servicing Vent and Waste Systems, and Sizing Water Supply Systems and Backflow.
The Plumbing Technology Program includes the following training: blueprints and isometrics, potable water and gas piping systems, drain waste and vent systems, heating systems, service and repair, and stoppages.
Graduates will have the skills to obtain a career as a Plumber and Pipe Layer.

Electrical Program

Graduates of WyoTech’s Electrical Program will be qualified for entry-level positions as Repair Electricians, Programming Electricians, Commercial and Residential Electricians, Preventative Maintenance Electricians, Field Service Electricians, and Installation Electricians. They are also qualified to work in any industry that requires electricians.
Courses include: electrical theory, NEC/safety/hand tools and conduit bending, residential/commercial and NEC requirements, transformer principles and test equipment, hazardous locations and power distribution, and motor concepts and jobsite management.

Associates Degree Programs

Students who choose to take part in WyoTech’s Specialty Programs will earn their Associate’s Degree. Specialty programs include: Applied Service Management, Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning with a Concentration in Service Systems, Advanced Automotive Diagnostics, The Auto/Diesel Combination Program, and much more.


WyoTech has six campuses located in the United States. They are located in Blairsville, PA, Daytona, FL, Fremont, CA, Laramie, WY, Long Beach, CA and Sacramento, CA.

Financial Aid

There are many financial aid programs available. WyoTech is involved with the following financial aid programs: Federal Pell Grant Program, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), Federal Subsidized Stafford Loan, Federal Perkins Loan, Federal PLUS Loan, Institutional Funding Program, and much more.


WyoTech students can apply for a number of scholarships that include: Castrol Syntec Outperformers Contest, WTI Foundation Award, USBank Scholarships, Wiredscholar, VICA Competition, Ford AAA Competition, ESA Foundation Scholarships, and AWS Foundation District Scholarship.

Tuition and Fees

If you would like to learn more about tuition and fees, please fill out the following form and you will be provided with detailed information about the costs and fees associated with attending WyoTech.